Freedom Flow Tea

Our TEAm, Our Story

Pamela is the owner of Freedom Flow Tea and the tea creator/blender. She has an active Massage / Deep Flow Practice and is an advocate for natural health and wellness. When she was presented with the opportunity to take over this beautiful business from a dear friend she jumped on the chance to dive into the world of herbs and has since found a new passion.                              

The tea blends are a collective creation; Our Herbalist Devyn is the Owner of our local Health Food Centre and our go to for approval on all of our new blends & the Founder of FFT Angela is still working her magic behind the scenes.

All teas are blended with intention using the energy of the moon cycle, creating on or around the full, half or new moons. The blends are made in small batches with love using only organic herbs sourced from Certified Organic suppliers. There are no additives or natural sweeteners/flavours, only pure herbal goodness.

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